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"Any fool can know.  The point is to understand."  Albert Einstein



Baker Rose is actively involved in an unusually wide range of sectors, substantially linked through its key interest in infrastructure and development.


Each case is reviewed and researched carefully including bringing in other specialists and academic researchers where needs be, to provide a solid understanding from which to create a strategy to achieve results. 



We have an approach to developing strategies which is strengthened by our mediation skills.  We listen and always seek to understand what all key stakeholders are looking to achieve, not just our clients.

This enables us to better comprehend the way to achieve consents, agreements and secure sustainable and valuable developments; as well as fair settlements, where appropriate. 



We are a results focussed consultancy frequently acting as our client's advisor, agent and commercial negotiator.  All our work is driven by a need to find solutions, develop opportunities, create value and where appropriate, settle statutory compensation.


Most of our work comes via personal recommendations, often by lawyers we have worked with; and of course, previous clients. 

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